Faculty Lecture Series Talk by Tal Correm & Lydia Eckstein

Wednesday, April 11 at 7:00pm

Campus Center 301/302

The April talk in the Karl W. Weiss ’87 Faculty Lecture Series for 2017-18 will be held on Wednesday, April 11, at 7 p.m. in Campus Center 301/302. Tal Correm, assistant professor of philosophy and religious studies, and Lydia Eckstein, assistant professor of psychology, will present “Post-Genocide Reconciliation in Rwanda: Lessons and Reflections of a Study Tour.”

Correm and Eckstein will share their impressions and experiences of a 2016 Humanity in Action study trip to Rwanda. From April to July 1994, approximately 1 Million Rwandans were killed in a genocide that targeted the Tutsi minority. The genocide has become seared into collective memory for the failure of the international community to intervene, and for the very personal nature of the killings, many of which were perpetrated by neighbors or family members, often by use of clubs and machetes.

Since then, Rwanda has faced its history through various justice and reconciliation programs, and it has rebuilt itself under President Paul Kagame as a nation that has received much praise for its economic development, and leadership in gender equality and environmental action. And yet, the study trip also a revealed a more complicated view on the state of reconciliation and political affairs. The talk will include a brief overview of the history and nature of the 1994 Rwandan Genocide, but the focus will be on the study tour and the insights it provided. The talk will include many images of (beautiful) present-day Rwanda, but audience members are advised that the content may be upsetting to some.


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